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Parking at Gran Canaria Airport

Several reliable and affordable airport parking alternatives are available in each Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) terminal.

No matter how carefully you plan your trip to last, LPA makes it simple to find parking that works with your schedule and price range, whether you want to leave your car there for a few hours or days.

Different parking options have varied costs depending on where you park and how long you use the spot.

Parking is available in long-term and short-term lots and is reserved for disabled people. Self-service payment methods for LPA parking spaces are available, as is online booking at the airport.

Don't hesitate to contact the terminal's customer support if you require clarification or have an inquiry. You can book your chosen parking space at LPA before you fly.

Gran Canaria Airport Parking

Parking places are available just in front of the terminal at GC-1, s/n, 35230 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain. It is only a quick walk from the entrance. There are almost 2,000 parking spaces available for visitors. Reserve your chosen LPA parking spot before your flight.

Gran Canaria Airport Parking facilities are large enough to accommodate the high number of vehicles that arrive at the airport. The car park has broad spaces and provides excellent service.

Parking at Gran Canaria Airport includes different payment stations, which has made the service considerably simpler and practical, allowing for more fluid dynamics inside the airport.

LPA offers a variety of parking options, including long-term, short-term, and accessible parking. Parking 1 and 2 are the names of the two parking spots at Gran Canaria Airport.

Gran Canaria Airport parking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost of parking at Gran Canaria Airport varies according to the number of parking spaces open.

Disabled Parking at Gran Canaria Airport

Parking 1 at the airport has fifteen (15) places dedicated to those with limited mobility. The parking spots are spread across three floors. It is located close to the terminal and easily accessible by foot.

Wheelchairs and motorized carts are available upon request at Gran Canaria Airport. Please notify your airline or anyone at the airport if you require assistance to ensure a smooth journey for passengers with limited mobility.

Short-Term Parking at Gran Canaria Airport

The quickest way to get to the terminal is to park in the short-term parking across from the terminal buildings.

Parking 1's GPS coordinates are Latitude: 27o 56′ 20" N and Longitude: 15o 23′ 25" W. There are 1,438 parking places available, including dedicated spaces for those with limited mobility. The parking spaces are split across three floors: floor A has 370 lots, floor B has 569 lots, and level C has 499.

It is located right adjacent to the terminal and is accessible by foot. A three-story car park with all parking bays covered provides enough airport parking.

For stays of up to 5 hours, short-term parking at Gran Canaria Airport is recommended. It is ideal for families and friends who want to bid farewell to someone or visit friends and relatives at Gran Canaria Airport.

Long-Term Parking at Gran Canaria Airport

Parking is available in the long-term lot across from the terminal buildings, with GPS coordinates of 27o 56′ 7" N and 15o 23′ 31" W.

It's about a 5-minute walk from the terminal building and has easy pedestrian access. Parking is available on two levels of the building. Level 0 is covered, while Level 1 is open and has parking spots. The ticket must be validated in the manual booth in Car Park P1.

Parking 2 is the airport's low-cost, long-term parking. The Long-term parking lot must be reserved in advance.

It is around a 4-5 minute walk from the terminal and has pedestrian access. The building contains a two-story car park with covered parking slots on level 0 and uncovered parking spots on level 1.

Travelers must validate their tickets at the P1 manual counter.

In an emergency, the car park walls and all payment machines have a direct intercom connection to the control center.

LPA is a fantastic option for longer journeys. Long-term parking is offered for travelers outside the terminal access road.

Long-term parking at Gran Canaria Airport provides complimentary shuttle assistance to and from the terminals. Gran Canaria Airport's long-term parking is ideal for extended journeys and family vacations.

Parking Rates

Parking prices change depending on where you park and how long you stay. The airport in Gran Canaria charges the following for parking:

Parking 1 (Short-term parking)



1 minute


1 hour


2nd hour+

€2.00 per hour

Maximum daily rate


5 days+

€11.00 per day


Parking 2 (Long-term parking)



1 week (without online booking)


1 week (with online booking)


The Gran Canaria Airport Parking services offer the following methods for receiving and paying for tickets:

  • There is a barrier at the parking lot entrance. The automatic device at the border issues a ticket. Before going back to your car, take the ticket with you and pay for it.
  • Payment terminals that dispense change and take credit/debit cards, all denominations of Euro notes, and coins are located on every parking garage level.
  • The car park control center also has a staffed payment counter where credit card payments can be made and any concerns resolved. After paying, you have 20 minutes to leave the airport parking lot.
  • Ramps and/or lifts provide access to all locations, and there are accessible spaces for badge holders who are drivers with disabilities.

Automatic pay stations are conveniently placed all around parking areas at Gran Canaria Airport.

Keep your parking ticket with you at the Gran Canaria Airport parking facility when you return to your car, and remember to pay the parking fee.

Parking Tips at Gran Canaria Airport

Here is a helpful map for driving directions as well as expected traffic conditions from the city center to Gran Canaria Airport:

  • Both the north and southbound lanes of the GC-1 highway provide easy access to the airport. Finding parking spaces is simple. For short-term parking, follow the terminal's guidelines, and for long-term parking, follow the yellow P2 or blue P1 signage. Follow the key & car emblem, and logo of your rental business to return a car. The barriers at the airport parking lot have a 2.1-meter height restriction.
  • Gran Canaria is a city where traffic jams are a regular occurrence, so you may experience one when traveling to the airport. Being hit from behind is a possibility, even amid traffic congestion. When there is a traffic jam, you must activate your left turn signal to let incoming vehicles know something is wrong so they can slow down. When other cars are backed up behind you, you turn off the indicator, and the vehicle behind you follows suit.
  • At the entrance to the arrivals hall, there is a drop-off area where you can pause for a short while. If passengers remain too long, they will be asked to leave.
  • You cannot leave your car unattended when picking people up since it will be towed away immediately. Therefore, it is better to use affordable short-term airport parking while picking up people.
  • Even in Gran Canaria, drinking and driving is a serious offense, especially if you are a visitor. The legal limit for alcohol consumption in Gran Canaria is 0.25 in exhaled air and 0.5 in blood, although we advise against drinking.

Call the airport Customer Assistance: at (+34) 91 321 10 00 for help with parking, especially for people with limited mobility and for reservations.

Parking Operators at Gran Canaria Airport

24 Hour
Insured Car Park

Car Parks at Gran Canaria Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria-General P1 Carretera de Gando, 35230 Telde (Las Palmas), Spain -
Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria - Larga Estancia P2 35259 Ingenio (Las Palmas), Spain Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Parking, calle Pablo Neruda Calle Pablo Neruda, 35250 Ingenio (Las Palmas), Spain -
Gran Canaria-Aparcamiento 35230 Telde (Las Palmas), Spain Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Gran Canaria-Aparcamiento 35259 Ingenio (Las Palmas), Spain -
Calle Juan Medina Giraldo 35259 Ingenio (Las Palmas), Spain -

Map of Car Parks at Gran Canaria Airport


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